Tuffy Boat FAQ's

Isn’t Fiberglass heavier than aluminum?

No, the Aluminum boat industry has added the interiors and features that used to be available only in Fiberglass boats. That, coupled with new composite construction techniques in the Fiberglass industry have created near equal weight between aluminum and glass. In some cases a comparable aluminum will weigh more.

Is Fiberglass damaged by impact or contact with rocks and gravel more severely than aluminum?

No. If contact is made with a surface that damages a fiberglass boat, similar damage would occur to an aluminum. Key to this issue is the fact that fiberglass can be easily and cosmetically perfectly repaired after a collision. Aluminum, in many cases, cannot. A simple keel guard can remove the worry about cosmetic damage from placing your Tuffy up onto rocks or gravel.

Why can’t I put a bigger motor on my Tuffy?

The US Coast Guard sets the Horsepower ratings on all fishing boats using two formulas, one for tiller-powered models and another for console steering boats. Tuffy conforms strictly to those standards.

Can I order a custom interior in a Tuffy?

Tuffy does offer custom accessories for all of the boat models. However, all Tuffy Boat interiors are now molded into a specific design, so major changes to the interior layout are not possible on a one time basis.

How is the color applied to my new Tuffy?

Fiberglass boats are built ‘inside out’, with the color and polyflake applied first. The laminates creating the hull and deck are then applied, and the boat finished. Repair to the finish of your new Tuffy can be accomplished at Tuffy Boats if you have incurred damage due to impact or other accident.

Why do Fiberglass boats cost more than aluminum?

Compare today’s fishing boats feature for feature, and you will find that if the boats are equipped comparably, the price will be comparable.

I hear a lot about the superior ‘ride’ Tuffy offers over comparable aluminum boats, is that a fact?

Fiberglass molding allows for engineering of the running surface and hull to accomplish a better, softer, faster, and more efficient design.

How do I keep my Tuffy looking new?

Vacuum the carpet regularly, sand is very tough on the carpet fiber. Wash and wax your boat whenever it looks in need, and apply a high quality Caranuba wax at least once a year. The new ‘quick wax’ products on the market will allow you to keep the ‘new boat’ finish for years to come.

Why should I consider a Tuffy over another brand?

Tuffy continues to innovate in every facet of the development of the perfect mutli-specie fiberglass fishing boat. We build an extremely high quality product at a very competitive price. Tuffy has had a superb reputation for nearly 35 years as a customer service oriented company, and will be there to support your purchase now and well into the future.