How We Build 'em

Always forward looking, the engineering team at Tuffy completely retooled, redesigned, and rethought the time tested and tournament proven Deep V Osprey and Esox Deep V hulls.

The result is form, function, and good looks built into a fishing craft perfectly suited to the needs of the multi species angler.

Rod Locker: A new center-mounted rod locker was designed from scratch and incorporated into the 2100, 2060, 1890, 1760, and 1700, and X-190.

Gas spring lid assists hold the door open and the compartment is lit by a low drain LED. The locker holds up to 15 rods in individual storage tubes, and the butt-end is held securely in place by track-mounted molded rubber seats.
Tubes and rod seats are staggered on three separate levels within the locker.

The locker will hold rods up to 9.5 feet in length (2100/2060), 9' in length (1890/X-190), 8' in length (1760), or 7.5 feet in length (1700). Battery and on-board charger storage is located underneath the removable "floor" of the rod locker.

Livewell: The X-190, 1700, 1760, 1890, 2060, and 2100 series carry the new, redesigned 52" rear livewell. This new livewell is molded on each end to accept a flow-through bait bucket, and is also lit by a low-drain LED. The overflow and intake are screened, and is driven by a 750 gph aerator pump and Flow-Rite system with a pulse timer and recirc system to ensure trouble-free operation.

Positive pressure is maintained on the system while running through an EZ-Pump freshwater pickup system, standard on all Tuffy Boat models, to ensure your catch stays lively throughout the day.

Wide Open Spaces: The open design concept implemented in the 2060, 1890, 1760, and 1700 give you the most usable floor space of any boat in its class.

Not only is there room for all the tackle bags, nets, and accessories that never seem to fit in a compartment, but there is true cockpit seating for four, important for those times when the boat makes the transition from hardcore fishing or tournament machine to family fishing machine.

Access is Power: All pumps are all easily accessed through a quick-release floor panel in the rear of the boat, making pump change-outs a snap. Starting battery and oil tanks are located in a separate latched locker, and all boats are equipped with a remote oil fill for convenience.

In the 2100, 2060, 1890, 1760, X-190 and 1700 models, the trolling motor batteries are easily accessed through a false floor in the rod locker.

Liner Construction Methods

The Tuffy deck liner is hand laminated using composite technology, incorporating the floor, side tanks, splashwell, and front casting deck into a single piece that is permanently bonded to the hull. Storage lockers in all Tuffy Boat models, including the rod locker, are permanently bonded to the deck before installation into the hull, creating a truly sealed locker environment that is water tight and very strong.

Most other boats are built with the deck and hull as two pieces, with the deck simply resting on the hull’s stringer system. The deck, sometimes called a liner, is fastened to the hull with screws and or rivets at the joint under the rub rail, creating a high stress/high flex area between the hull and the deck.

Tuffy Boats literally laminates the liner to the hull creating a chemical bond and a seamless hull-to-deck joint. Beyond bonding agents or spot lamination, the complete Tuffy deck to hull lamination process truly creates a single piece boat. No flex, with no screws or rivets securing the interior of the boat to the hull. This is one of the reasons no other boat feels like a Tuffy.

Hull Construction Methods

The Tuffy hull is hand laminated incorporating 13 layers of the finest fiberglass composite materials and resins available today. The transom is solid fiberglass and composite. In fact, the transom is solid composite from top to bottom and side to side; not just the area where the motor is mounted. A 25” transom is standard on all the Deep V models. The keel on every Tuffy is layered with Kevlar for superior strength.

The TUFFY lamination process yields an exceptionally high glass to resin ratio for the strongest fiberglass composition available. Every layer of TUF-CORE, fiberglass, and KEVLAR is hand rolled to create the most rugged, stiff hull on the market.

High Standards

Tuffy Boats have always been built with the finest quality materials available, and the 2010 models are no exception.

Gel coats are the highest quality Isophthalic / NPG gelcoats available. Polyflakes are also the best available ensuring a consistent and attractive finish guaranteed by constant attention to the mold finish.

Every TUFFY is designed and engineered to meet standards set by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), standards stiffer than that of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The result is one of the strongest, longest lasting, most trouble-free boats on the market today.