Look for major changes on our models for 2020 which will be introduced fall 2019!

Welcome to Tuffy Boats LLC

Our History...

 TUFFY Boats began an impressive 35 year history of design innovation back in 1975 when TUFFY introduced its first fishing only design, the Tuffy Roustabout. TUFFY engineers saw a need for boats designed for serious fishermen and filled it, beginning a tradition of developing fishing boats designed for a specific purpose, meeting the angler’s needs in the Mid West.

 Today, every TUFFY built represents a constant evolution of refinements from hull design, overall performance, interior features, durability and care to detail in ‘fishing only’ designs that have become a TUFFY trademark. 

 In 1978, the MARAUDER hull was introduced. The MARAUDER hull is a sponsoned (modified) V-hull that provides a drier ride and unmatched stability. Low profile, close to the water, stable and roomy, the MARAUDER hull was the choice of more professional muskie guides than any other boat. This same design runs today in the full line of TUFFY low profile boats from the spacious ESOX MAGNUM to the ESOX.  1980 marked the development of the TUFFY RAMPAGE hull. A deeper sponsoned V-hull design built specifically to handle bigger water. The ride, handling, and positioning ability of the RAMPAGE hull made it THE choice of professional as well as the weekend fisherman. 

Throughout the 80's TUFFY built a reputation as a premier multi-species fishing boat, a reputation that still stands today.  Big water fishermen and walleye tournament pros needed more boat. In 1993 TUFFY answered with the introduction of the RENEGADE hull. The Renegade was Tuffy Boat’s first entry into the Big Water market, a market Tuffy was partially responsible for as sponsor of many big water walleye and muskie tournaments. 

Bigger and stronger, made for really big water fishermen, the RENEGADE TRUE V-hull series fast became the choice of tournament pros and big water fishermen.  

In 1999, TUFFY engineers totally redesigned the interiors of all boat models, adding to the TUFFY line the OSPREY series including the 1990 Tiller, Console & Dual Console models, the 1760 Osprey models, and the 1700 Osprey models. The Osprey lineup’s exceptional handling and sheer speed have revolutionized true Deep-V, big water fishing boats. 2000 brought the Pro Series 1990, fast, tournament oriented, and pro designed.  2005 marks yet another watershed year for Tuffy Boats. Always forward looking, the engineering team at Tuffy completely redesigned the time tested and tournament proven Deep V Osprey and Esox Deep V hulls. The result is form, function, and good looks built into a fishing craft perfectly suited to the needs of the multi specie angler.  The Esox low profile series also was redesigned, offering superior storage, interior design, and fit and finish for the Muskie angler demanding stability, superb on-the-water control, and the roomiest, most functional muskie fishing interior on the water.  

Rethought and redesigned for today and the future, Tuffy Boats has set the bar for the present and the future freshwater fishing boat designs. Tuffy’s superb customer service record, great resale value, and continuing commitment to innovation and quality create one of the best values in the fishing boat market today.